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This is Compact, But Powerful web framework by PHP.

Compact Component-Based Development

The thorough elimination of waste is a virtue to Cosmos. Shave unnecessary function, than compatibility, and respect the virtues. This way of thinking, it might be closer to Lean Software Development.

Although I think people who have experienced the other frameworks, Even if you are developing a very simple application, Service, Entity, Dao, Besides, if many components are not prepared, your purpose cannot be achieved in many cases.

In the case of Cosmos,

class Service {

    use \Cosmos\Database\Method;
    use \Cosmos\Factory;


It completes.

Like example, "to develop a component to the compact" that will rise to various advantages. In this regard, because it is described in a number of good books, so you will not be any self-explanatory. Cosmos support this, the "to develop a component to the compact" has been referred to as Compact Component-Based Development.

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